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Designing & Managing an Experience
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Sat in an interesting internal management workshop the other day at work. Something came up as part of our this workshop that left a profound thought on my mind. If we are all so concentrated on designing the experience online how are the offline experiences managed. Everyone in the IA/UE community seem to be so focused on developing or designing and online experience and I rarely hear any coordination with folks who have been designing and managing the offline experiences that follow a product. I know marketing does some of that but there are such things as customer support, project manager, partner relationship managers, distribution managers, and public relations. Do these things really have one central brain or vision that makes sure all of the stuff we do online is really streamlined with all the other channels?

The key to making sure everyone gets a good impression of the product is not just the product but every single touchpoint that involves some interaction with the customer or buyer. Each of these touchpoints are possibly experiences that the customer may experience.

I wonder if anyone out there cares?

Posted on February 02, 2002 04:39 PM