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Research as Product
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Attended Brenda Laurel's presentation on her new book, Utopian Entrepreneur.

Abstract: Stanford's HCI Seminar February 1, 2002.

Presentation: Video Source Just click on the Video Source button.

Some Thoughts:
First it was nice to attend this presentation with my former AltaVista colleague, Lee Cline. She was a former employee of Purple Moon and she gave me some insights on her experiences there. She also introduced me to Dr. Laurel. I thought the presentation at first was going to be more like a computer/techie type talk but it turned out to focus on how "we" can be better designers of products to make life better and make a difference. Alot of her commentary revolved around her experiences with Purple Moon from the business perspective. I really enjoyed this and what would have been really nice is if there were any MBA students in this class. I think they would have benefitted from Laurel's insights on running a business and some practical transitions of research and theory's application in the new economy.

I was also fascinated with Laurel's new work at the the Art Design Institute that brings together design and business models. I would be really excited to take that class. I guess at some level I have the benefit of being exposed to user research, design, usability and hopfully in the future be a better leader by those experiences and develop useful products that make a difference to the Earth and humanity.

Posted on February 02, 2002 05:01 PM