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Disney Designs an Experience
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Just got back from a whole day of visiting Disneyland. I haven't been there in years and so much has changed. All I can say is that they still preserved my fond memories with such rides as "It's A Small World" and "Space Mountain" but they have redesigned some fond ones such as "Haunted Mansion," "America Sings," and of course our all time favorite "Captain EO." So why change? I guess it's to bring into the fold a whole new series of memories for the next generation. There are many out there who probably still remember the "e-tickets" but now the kids are wanting "fast pass." I guess the crowded freeways of Southern California and "fastrack" concept has infiltrated our beloved theme parks.

So back to my blog title: Disney & Designing an Experience...well the strangest thing about wandering through the park is I had an idea of where things were right away; at least for the big rides. Of course it's a physical experience, but somehow even after several years, I still knew where I could go next. Also I still find it eerie that everything is manufactured for your Disney experience. Employees are cast members, and park clients are guests; so what is the Disney experience: creating memories for you to cherish and to relive them as you return to the park later in life...I wonder what it'll be like when I start bringing my kids there...

Despite the long lines I had a wonderful time and went along to venture "Downtown Disney" upscale restaurants and shops where parking lots used to be...didn't get a chance to hit up California adventure, but it's ok I've lived both in So. and No. CA for most of 27 years.

Posted on January 02, 2002 12:41 PM