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When there is no English
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After a 2 hour workout, I was super hungry and didn't want to stand in line waiting for a table or food near the gym. So I headed home to a cafe close to home with good food at a cheap price and hoping the lunch crowd was back at their offices.

I've been to Red Mountain Cafe several times with Jeff. Of course in many situations Jeff always orders for us since he knows Chinese and I don't. But this time I was on my own. I was scared but I knew what I wanted in Chinese and I was really really hungry, so I made my attempt to order. I already knew the set menu is only in chinese and the staff only spoke in Chinese. I'd mess up but I tried my hardest. So in my mixed up tones/pronunciation I ordered my lunch and thankfully the waiter repeated the choices a few times...it helped since after the third time I actually understood what he asked me.

I've noticed recently as well that I'm no longer translating what I hear into English in my head...it's like I know what it means. To get to the 7th floor where the restaurant was, the elevator guy asked me what floor I wanted in Chinese...and I automatically said "chaat" exactly how it should be said...I didn't even have to think "7." I'm wondering if we stay another year that living in Chinese will really sink into my head.

Hopfully going back to the US won't mess up all that I've learned in the past 6 months. So if I know you know Cantonese, I WILL speak to you in Cantonese. Please oblige and speak to me in Cantonese as well. I've worked too hard to learn this language and I don't want to lose it.

Posted on February 21, 2005 11:33 PM