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2 Weeks to Go
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I'm into the long stretch of this 40 week journey. I can't believe I'm only 2 weeks away from being a mommmy. We're totally excited and can't wait. We went to my weekly prenatal visit and baby's heartbeat is healthy, she moves around quite a bit and definitely knows how to count the beat to the song Straight Cats(courtesy of J guitar practices). So all is well on the baby front.

Everyone I know who was due in October have had their babies already and I even have another friend who was due the day after me already in the process of having her baby earlier than expected. My health is pretty good with good scores on blood pressure and no weight gain. I've been taking it pretty slow these days. I think I can only handle about one big thing a day. Even attending a baby shower today for a friend I was so wiped out, I crashed when I got home. The biggest challenge right now is my carpal tunnel so holding a fork, pen, knitting needles, or anything small that requires that type of dexterity really hurts and I have to really concentrate to make something look somewhat legible or creative.

My projects were completed earlier this week and so I've been resting alot lately. I just have to get cracking on my B&A article so that I can hand it over before the baby arrives.

We're both in just a waiting pattern and getting pretty anxious. The bags are packed, we've read up on a few baby/sleep books, the carseat is installed, we've met with our doula, and have the freezer stocked with frozen meals. We still haven't really picked out "the" name but we know we'll figure it out when the baby is born.

So rest assured friends and family that we will email you details when the baby is born. The website is all setup courtesy of Babysites.com and we'll have baby photos and maybe even video up when everything is set in motion. We wish we could call everyone personally but that would be quite a challenge on top of just figuring out this thing called parenthood.

Posted on October 20, 2007 09:20 PM