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God Seems to Always Have Reason for Things
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All these past couple of weeks I was a bit frustrated...actually frustrated sounds too negative. I guess I was just a bit thrown out of the loop when my intended project got pushed out a few more months. I was kind of expecting to get started part-time and then go full-time in the fall. Sort of ease into things since I haven't worked since I quit last summer.

Well life at home has been really fun. You know redecorating and playing general contractor to minor projects. I'm really amazed at the differences in just 3 months. We're still getting new doors and adding windows shortly. But the thing is everything is winding down and I was hoping to work to challenge myself in a different way.

Well God had a reason for that change in my work situation. Last weekend J got into a vball accident and at first we thought he sprained his ankle. Nope, confirmation from podiatrist today said that it looks more like a fracture. So looks like several weeks in crutches with a couple weeks in a cast after a surgery to put Ti pins in his ankle. Sounds painful. What about going through the airport screening? It's his left foot, so that means with our manual shift cars that he won't be able to drive for several weeks. Which comes back to why I think God had reasons for me not working. It would have been quite frustrating to drive him all the way up to SSF and then come all the way back down to Milpitas for my project. More reason I have trust in Him for all things that happen in my life. So every day I've been praying to find out what's planned for me, to make itself real. And then "BAM!" I realize it's to serve in any way to anybody anywhere.

Posted on August 11, 2005 07:10 PM