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Filipino Home Cooking
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So I don't usually get all nostalgic except now I have my mom's handwritten recipes of her traditional filipino dishes. I never thought to check online websites since I wanted to get a feel for my mom's own cooking. Well tonight I experimented with kari-kari. The peanut butter stew with ox tail. I'm fortunate enough to have a pressure cooker which definitely cut down the cooking time. And strangely enough I found ox tail at Costco.

J really enjoyed it and the house still smells like the stew. It was all yummy goodness with a small patch of white rice. We made enough for two dinners so I can't wait to have it again. All the ingredients were basically the same as the above link but somehow I changed it bit after reviewing my mom's notes. I can't wait to share this dish with our friends. I'll take photos tomorrow.

Posted on February 21, 2007 08:25 PM