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The Only UC in the OC
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Sounds pretty cheesy but heck it's true. I guess they are piggy backing off the popularity of "The OC." We took a stroll down memory walking around campus. As usual UCI, was under construction indefinitely. They were literally ripping out the student center when we drove up the street. I was hoping to hit up the cafe for ice cream or iced tea since it must have been in the 90s that day. We walked around and just hung out, saw a kettle corn vender and of course hit up the bookstore to stock up on UCI gear. J couldn't help but get the shirt that had the above "tagline" on the shirt. The most fun we had was bumping into SKS and catching up. We had not seen her for a good 10 years. And then a really fun coincidence was seeing AT teaching ICS 23 for summer session. Wow to see him in action was giving me flasbacks to my own days in the 20 series. And to see the kids are sitting in nice comfy movie theatre style captain seats...I was soooo jealous.

We had such a wonderful visit with friends and family. We missed a few but it's ok maybe next time we'll just have to extend it to a whole week. Gosh it makes us wonder if we should live in LA for 6 months and SF for 6 months. It's quite difficult to try to keep track of everyone.

Some notable places to eat:
California Pizza Kitchen
We actually haven't been there in years and actually enjoyed some of the salads and the pizza with a salad on top. We ended up going there twice but in those cases it really was about hanging out and not so much about the food.

The Original Pancake House (San Diego/Encintas/Vista)
Awesome German Pancake...a pie pastry thing that you douse with lemon juice, powedered sugar, and lots of butter. Truly amazing, J's cousin took us after service at _The Rock_ and then we headed there again Monday morning after we left M&M's house.

Capital Seafood, Monterey Park, CA (located at the 99 Ranch Market square)
Awesome dim sum. It opened in December and everything about it looks new. It's more traditional with ladies wandering around the restaurant with their carts trying to "sell" their tasty goodies. We had some great desserts as well. We went on a Tuesday before lunch time and the place was packed. I always though these places were only buzzing on Sunday mornings. Great food and even with just one bite of a few items, I was very stuffed. Definitely "hou sikh."

And last but not least...our favorite chicken place has gone a little more upscale
Charro Chicken, many locations (our favorite in Seal Beach)
Some would compare it to El Pollo Loco, but it's not! The last time we were there was probably 10 years ago but it looks as though they have definitely gone more commercial and no longer your typical mom/pop restaurant.

Thanks again for friends and family who let us stay in their homes. I promise next time to take more photos.

Posted on June 28, 2006 08:56 PM