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Cup of Hot Cocoa
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I know I shouldn't but I've bought fat free powdered hot cocoa. Directions say put cocoa in cup and pour 8 oz of hot water or milk and stir. A few weeks back I went to see Basia down in LA. Unfortunately it was raining and cold and wasn't too interested in having wine or beer. So I ordered hot cocoa. I was imagining a nice big cup of creamy hot cocoa. What I got was brown water. The server actually dumped powdered cocoa in a 16oz styrofoam cup and filled it to the top with hot water. First we had to wait 10 minutes since they ran out of cups, and then the water was too hot to drink. Finally one sip...*bleh* And to think a glass of merlot was just $2 more than a cup of hot cocoa...argh! So here I am sitting in the kitchen with my hot cocoa, listening to smooth jazz, and catching up on email. Tomorrow: quest for the really good hot cocoa with a bit of spice.

Posted on May 18, 2005 08:26 PM