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Remembering Tiananmen
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Last weekend was the anniversary of the tragedy that happened in Tiananmen Square when college students demonstrated against the government. Many died, including the one scene that struck at me on live tv of the student standing in front of the tank one moment and then crushed the next moment. Over Christmas we stood at the square, watching long lines of people paying their respect to Mao on one end, the entrance to the Forbidden City with all its tourists and snow, and us standing in front of the countdown clock at the square...it was difficult to stand there and look at everything in any positive way when I knew that so many died in that very spot I was standing at. BBC has an article mentioning the minor vigil held in Hong Kong, the only such event commemorating the event. US/China relations have been quite interesting recently. Many criticisms from the US side questioning the build up of an army, and accounting for the undocumented numbers who were killed or were arrested during the Tiananmen Massacre...of course China retorts with something along the lines of mind your own business, you have your own human rights issues to deal with...they have a point. I think US and China both have a responsbility to all the alleged human rights violations. How do we expect to move forward as a society/economy if we can't even take care of basic human rights?

Posted on June 06, 2005 10:00 AM