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A Whirlwind of Travels
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I was down in San Diego for several days for an IA seminar, networking to jumpstart my consulting/freelance business, and visiting many family and friends. Oh and I also picked up my car, bright yellow Miata!!! On our drive back up we stopped in Arroyo Grande for lunch at El Taco Loco on Branch St. Take the Grand Ave exit from 101 and head east.

Oh my gosh we got carne asada burritos and a plate of nachos. Did I mention we had horrible Mexican food in Hong Kong. One day I was craving nachos for a snack. We ducked into a cafe that mentioned nachos on their menu. I ordered the nachos and Jeff got a scone. His was a fresh baked blueberry scone with his cup of tea. Nothing unusual for a former British colony. However when I got my nachos, they didn't even look like nachos. It was a plate of nacho-flavored Doritos, shredded cheese that wasn't even melted, and sprinkled with pickles. Yes PICKLES! I was so depressed. I think I ate one chip but was so sad that Jeff shared his scone with me. So with that kind of experience we have been eating lots of Mexican food recently. And Taco Loco in Arroyo Grande has to be the best mexican food in CA...and the nachos were exactly what I expected. I have finally satisfied my cravings for really good Mexican food. Now I have to find a place close to home.

The restaurant is low profile. You order at the counter and they call out your number. Ample refills of all the drinks. There's a picture of the family with Anthony Hopkins all over the place. We went on Sunday afternoon so it was quiet and not crowded. The bathrooms were very clean and well stocked.

Thanks Ryan for the recommendation. This is definitely a must stop when on the 101.

Visiting Friends and Family

Posted on April 11, 2005 01:51 PM