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Big Cars for Now
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So after 2 accidents with the Volvo wagon J plunked down some cash for a midnight blue 1996 LS 400. The car is so much nicer than the wagon, with a really nice previous owner who took care of it. The interior is light beige and it feels like my old Camry which was a 1994 XLE. I have to admit I like the leather but I'm not sure I care too much for how big the car is. I haven't even attempted to drive it since it feels like a boat, (i.e. Lisa is too short to drive the boat). It's a super bummer that J has had some bad experiences with the wagon, and since he commutes ALOT up and down the peninsula, I gave in to him getting another big car. I think since we've been married we've pretty much bought a car every year. I guess we buy cars more often than he buys shoes. I couldn't really say we...since I actually buy shoes quite often which I hate to admit.

Let's see what have we had in our stable?...Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, Porsche 911, BMW 3, Yellow Mazda Miata, Black Mazda Miata, Volvo wagon, now a Lexus LS.

Now that things are taken care of with the insurance he has decided to sell the wagon. If anything he really wants to sell it for parts. He's encouraged folks to buy it only for parts. So now we're selling the banged up wagon. I'm not even considering a new car unless we really need one. I'm hoping for a prius but with the civic getting good mileage(manual) and it's already rated as a very low emissions vehicle, I don't think we'll need a new used car anytime soon. I'm hoping that we can even reach 100K on it.

Posted on February 06, 2007 09:34 PM