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December 16, 2001 01:43 AM Whine  |   Link
B-52 at the Skylark

Shot of Grand Marinier, Bailey's, & Kaluha....3 layers enjoyed separate or together...yummy!

Went to the CD Release party for a close family friend: Stefano Moris of his latest creation called Grand Caravan.

Business & Finance  |   Link
Depth of Perception

I'm finally done with my Essential of Marketing class. Pretty interesting class. I think I have a better grasp of marketing functions of many different types of companies. I'm totally ready and able to take a marketing project...well maybe under the guidance of some amazing guru.

I hope I got an "A" in the class. I feel really good about the final. I'm not sure about the final presentation on Saturn. I'm sort of too embarrassed to publish the ppt.

December 14, 2001 09:57 PM Information Architecture  |   Link
Fellow GSLIS Alum in Print

Website Redesign Book Cover
My colleague Jeanene Landers-Steinberg, Director of Web Operations for Schwab Learning Foundation has a chapter in Darci DiNucci's new book, Adobe Master Class Website Redesigns.

I would like to also recommend you go ahead and check out Schwab Learning for resources on learning differences.

December 10, 2001 10:39 PM Whine  |   Link
What's Lisa Up to These Days

1. Got an "A" on my midterm
2. Will be doing my final presentation on evaluating Saturn Corporation's marketing campaign. I will post the ppt after I do my presentation on Saturday.
3. Will be having a final on Saturday.

Will probably apply what I learned to help out my new project Boxes & Arrows. Had a fun Saturday evening with B&A folks. Photos available at emdezine.

Other projects on the board:
CHI 2002 Workshop:HCI & IA: Information, Interaction, Interface and Usability Architects Share Deliverables

IA Summit 2002 Panel: The Intersection of IA and Business in Content Management

Work: Metadata Standardization project for educational materials.

Life: Winter Holiday Parties, cousin visiting from NYC, reunion with Gonzales cousins, catch up on my HBR reading, celebrating with new members of the family, and paint my office.

Wanted: Need to also get an html/designer to do the Chan web properties using our brand. We are also looking for an interior decorator.

December 05, 2001 06:06 PM Whine  |   Link
Sundance Festival

Wow. I have 2 friends from 2 differnt spheres of networks who have short films accepted for Sundance Festival.

Best wishes and congratulations!

Stefano Moris - 16F9

Melissa Regan - No Dumb Questions

I am so happy for them both. Stefano Moris is my husband's childhood friend and was also our best man at our wedding.

Melissa Regan is a colleague from Stanford GSB, where I work.

I will more than likely head out to Sundance to support these great aspiring filmakers.

December 02, 2001 09:22 PM Metadata & Taxonomies  |   Link
Ying and Yang of Metadata

Lots of talk going on in the blog community about the need of metadata, specifically from Doug Kaye's Blog.

Lou has posted some interesting rebuttals about the topic.

Even Christina has picked up on the story.

What I think? It's a bunch of misinformation on the value of metadata. Many of us metadata folks don't apply metadata for its own sake...there really are reasons why we do it. In some cases the organization of information is a reason, another is that the user needs ways to search for aspects of a piece of information, and in the case of taxonomies someone out there needs some order to find similarities and differences in understanding a piece of information.

Metadata and taxonomies are representations of the ying and yang. There needs to be harmony between the information and ways of understanding what that information is about.

As for blogs, I think metadata and a taxonomy could help bridge our understanding of each other's thought processes. Without a common vocabulary we disrupt the ying and yang of our communities. We could potentially create conflict where there doesn't need to be one. It's not about creating agreement on what the "truth" is, it's about understanding each other.