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Winchester Mystery House Meets Urban Mega Mall
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We started doing tourist stuff today since our time is starting to run out here. We went to the new Langham Place in Mongkok. The escalators went up/down to floors of unknown destinations. The many stairs were difficult to tell which floors they went to. So unlike the stairs of Winchester which really lead to no where, the Langham Place escalators really didn't go to every single floor. One would go up 3 floors while another went up 5 floors. Argh!! It's definitely a wonderful place if you like to browse aimlessly and definitely targeted towards the young 20-something chuppie(Chinese Yuppie).

It also sort of reminded me of the 1/2 floors at the UIUC main library stacks. Very frustrating signage as well. I'll post photos later. At least we managed to get some lunch and duck back into the MTR to get to TST.

Posted on March 01, 2005 08:21 AM