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No Microwave
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J had a great time recently trying to research the possible options for replacing our dead microwave. So much for making huge batches for dinner to last 2 nights, now I have to cook daily and B pretty much eats everything room temp. I'm glad she's not so picky.

First we discovered it was from 1989 and I'm not surprised it looked really old skool. Also since it's inset in the wall we had to get a trim kit which actually doubles the price of getting a microwave. Oh and somehow all the models that would actually fit in the hole in the wall were all backordered by over a week. What a challenging week on top of planning for B's birthday.

Staring into the kitchen, we have a big hole and the kitchen really looks dingy. Now I'm trying to convince J to remodel. Yeah right in this economy :)

Posted on October 23, 2008 09:58 AM