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D-Day...Departure Day
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In 2 days at this time we'll be in Hong Kong (18 hours ahead + the 16 hour flight). We have been quite busy the last few weeks visiting friends and family. I apologize if we didn't get to your neck of the woods. It was quite hectic to make the visits everywhere. We've been busy the last few days packing up our house as AP moves in to housesit for us and selling the last cars. Gosh, I can't believe we're down to one car.

Thanks again to DT for the phone and travel cards, I know it will come in handy once we arrive. I want to thank our church family for the fun and heartwarming send off party. I also want to thank MC for hosting a sendoff family dinner the other night. Thanks again to the GSB crew for sendoff and afternoon at Malibu Grand Prix. KC, I will have a dirty martini thinking of you when your bundle of joy arrives. EM/SM, goodluck for the century ride. VS/SK, goodluck with your bundle of joy next month. DP/LP, I'll be praying for you both when your bundle arrives as well. Sorry to those who have sent us info about weddings coming up, we'll celebrate with you when we come back.

Now we're down to the last few hours. Pack some meals(airlines are not so vegetarian friendly), finish writing out important documents, and doing another load of laundry.

We'll miss you all. Please keep in touch and hopfully I'll be able to blog from HK here at www.mywhine.com.

See you in 6 months!

Posted on September 20, 2004 10:47 AM