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Week 16 and Counting
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We visited the OB on Wednesday and we finally heard the heartbeat. It was quite amazing to hear how fast it was going. The NP mentioned it was around 150-160 beats per minute. Wow! So things are progressing well however the last 5 weeks were really trying. Somehow my nausea/vomiting hit me while we were in HI and a week or so ago I had the worst moment where it wasn't stopping and I couldn't keep anything even water down. So I changed my diet and I'm down to really small meals(aka snacks) every 2 hours with lemonade or water only 30 minutes before or after a meal. So if you were to see me one day you'd think I was a pig just snacking all day. It's a really rough day if I don't nap too. All in all things are well.

BSF just ended and I shared today on our last day of class. I stepped down as CA since it will be quite difficult to manage all the materials and stuff with a baby due in the fall. At our last leader's meeting the ladies were so wonderful to give me some shower gifts. I was in complete shock. I was totally not expecting it and just in total shock and didn't even want to be in the center of all of it. I was just amazed at how loving and caring all these women were to me. Now I have a baby tub, baby's first read-along bible, cute baby praise & worship music and tub full of other essentials. I have been so blessed by these women and in serving the Lord. I hope someday I'll be able to bring along Jeli to BSF preschool when I return to class in maybe 2 years.

A couple more weeks and we'll find out if Jeli is a boy or a girl. We're really excited.

Posted on May 24, 2007 07:58 PM