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Activities That Kick My Butt
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1. I've already mentioned Boot Camp and Circuit Training in previous posts but somehow it never gets easier just more difficult. I'm doing much better on the chin up bar and I think I'm down to 8 or 9 minute mile. I'm excited but still hoping to be a faster runner. I've lost inches all around and I'm alot stronger. I can lift the mattress on my own and to a certain extent even the couch.

2. Biblical Hebrew really kicked my butt. I took 7 of 10 classes which was more than what I expected. So it's not at all like modern hebrew as the teacher told us on the first day but can read the characters and sound out words. I'm not too good on translation but that what's dictionaries are for. There are many grammar rules that are starting to make sense but everything was going too fast during class especially since many of my classmates were already somewhat familiar with hebrew from their bar/bat mitzvah days. What I really liked about this class was our weekly translation of actual biblical scripture from hebrew to English. I really enjoyed that. I feel a bit accomplished after each class. Also after each chapter there are about a 12 hebrew scripture to translate and I found myself looking forward to get to the end just so I can sit and translate.

3. BSF: I knew I needed structure in studying the bible but didn't know there could be such a disciplined program. I'm glad I'm doing it and it gets me out of the house to meet more people. I love it! I'm pretty excited and look forward to the daily homework. I'm learning so many new things.

All in all I think I'm a sucker for self-torture both intellectually, spiritually and physically. I hope I can keep it up but I'm starting to feel rundown. I don't want to loose momentum but there are so many other things going on that it's hard to know where to slow down.

Posted on November 18, 2005 03:05 PM