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Great Way to Pack for Labor @Hospital
What I heard  |   Link

LaborKit contains many of the suggested items for packing in your suitcase for the hospital. They come in various price points and list the items.

I reviewed them and was quite impressed on what was included. I know for sure some hospitals already provide many of the items but not of the same quality. So check over the list and here's what I put on my checklist.(Download file)

Some changes to the list. Since I had a c-section I ended up at the hospital for 4 days. I stayed in the hospital gown since I had many things attached to me and it was easier to feed not having to deal with night gown etc. I ended up not using the boppy since I was propped up with many pillows to feed. We kept B in the kimono shirts the hospital had and used the diapers they had in the bassinet. The things that came in handy were the following: DVDs during recovery, magazines to keep me from getting bored after I ran out of DVDs, and take-out food. I hated the food at the hospital and was craving for all the stuff I couldn't have while pregnant. J forgot to bring a shaver so was quite scruffy after a few days. He ended up going home to freshen up. Also since we were washing our hands often, having some nice lotion would have been nice.

Posted on July 24, 2008 09:04 PM