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I Miss My Family
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I just finished Po Bronson's latest book, "Why Do I Love These People?"

After reading each of the profiles of the families that Bronson shares, there were many aspects of my family that made me realize that living far is challenging without them. This really hit home when I read the author's epilogue. Up until my ectopic pregnancy last February, I never realized how much I missed my cousins on both my maternal and paternal sides. Even though I was far away, they all stepped up to give me a shoulder to cry on, and give me a room to share and just be. Their encouragement made me really think that even though we're scattered all over the place, they really mean it when they say they care and were there for me when needed. It touched me deeply.

In the recent past, I spent as much time as I could with my maternal side since I never really got to know them while growing up but the paternal side kind of went off the radar when I left home. I guess it was just that we grew up together that I wanted to just go out there and meet new people.

So now reading this book and spending a little more time with my cousins I know I miss them. This past Christmas it was more evident that I really like how everyone sticks together to really help each other out. A cousin-in-law even shared how many members of the clan helped him out while remodeling his office...or cousins gathering monthly just to shoot the breeze.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness in a family. If anything everyone wants to help out in any way possible. Even though the G clan is not as wild and crazy(or at least not as much lately but I can't wait to see all of us in Maui) this past gathering but they definitely know how to show the love.

I can also feel this when I talk to my maternal cousins. I haven't seen 2 cousins in probably 10 years and they were just so excited to talk on the phone when I called last week. I'm looking forward to having them out here sometime this summer.

I guess all this time I wanted to go out and meet many interesting people and I forgot to come back to the family and rekindle relationships with interesting cousins.

So here's to all my G & T cousins, I MISS YOU ALL!!!!!

Posted on January 29, 2007 02:40 PM