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Keeping up with 18 year olds
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I've started going back to the gym on top of my pre-natal exercise class. Yesterday was a doozie, there were lots of young guys working out and I didn't even feel intimidated while working out. I felt like I could keep up with some slight modification. I didn't even feel sore when I woke up today. I guess I'm not so out of shape. I hope I can keep that kind of endurance when in labor!

A little stressed out since I've decided to switch OBs at 29 weeks. I really want to have a doula during delivery and the group I'm with have a policy of not working with doulas. It's quite strange since there are many good reasons to have one present. I know many women out there have had deliveries without one, but reading as much as I have recently I feel it would be beneficial for me, J and the baby.

I have a prayer request for my girlfriend who had her baby at 31 weeks gestation last week. Her baby was originally due just about 2 weeks before me. The baby girl is doing well and progressing quickly in NICU, but I figured more prayers for them will keep them moving along.

Posted on August 22, 2007 10:38 AM