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September 29, 2007 09:27 PM Food & Wine  |   Link
Food Porn

When I know there are alot of things I can't eat right now, I remember to visit Tastespotting to get my food porn in. The contributors make food look so sexy and I don't know if it makes it worse that I can't eat most of them. But overall just quite exciting to browse and dream about what I'll get to eat once Baby Jeli makes her debut... lox and bagels, sushi, soft cheeses, and maybe a cappacucinno.

September 26, 2007 12:40 PM What I heard  |   Link
Childbirth Class Before You're Pregnant

Strangely enough I've learned so much about the medical view of the labor & delivery process during my childbirth class than the several books I have on my coffee table. If I were to do this all again before I got pregnant, I would take a childbirth preparation class. By the time most take these classes you're already into your third trimester and you're pretty much stuck with your OB or hospital choice. I was able to make some changes at 32 weeks however many may not be so excited about changing at that point. The reason I'm mentioning this is many questions you may want to ask doctors about your care may not come up until after the classes or after you've read enough on your own. Perhaps you're not as conservative as your doctor or you end up not wanting any medical intervention. This gives you enough time to prepare your mentally and physically for the whole journey.

I recommend to my friends and family who are trying to have a baby to really start reading up on the different childbirth medical interventions and the whole process including what is a doula and how they can help because know if you're more conservative or more liberal or "granola" about your expectations can really effect your decision on the doctor, medical group, and hospital choices.

September 19, 2007 11:24 AM Whine  |   Link
Numb Hands

Wearing splints on my wrists at night to reduce the arthritic pains in my hands, but it doesn't really help with the swelling. My feet are somewhat ok, no pain just can't get into my fun shoes, basically flip flops or open sandals the whole summer. I can't believe I've got less than 7 weeks to go.

We had a super fun baby shower last weekend with my church group. We even played games I didn't know this group would be really in to. All in all really fun and such cute presents for the baby.

September 13, 2007 08:11 AM What I heard  |   Link
Drugs on Money, Guitar, Used Cars...

I have a friend who works for the government. I won't say what department or where but she mentioned that one part of her work is to test drug bust money for drugs. She mentioned that all money in circulation has some kind of trace of drugs on them. What triggered this old conversation this morning is that J has been buying and selling guitars online in search of the perfect fit and sound.

I jokingly mentioned that because of the typical characters he has to transact with for the guitar he should definitely clean the guitar really well or be faced with traces of drugs on the guitar. I know it's a really bad stereotype but I get all my facts from Rolling Stone. Also previous experience with some shady musician teacher type people kind of leaves a bad memory of what level of trust you could have. And we also have friends who are/were hardcore musicians and they've mentioned that its all part of the scene.

So with used guitars all over the house and me with my squeeky clean image, OCD tendencies and nesting in full swing...I want to go through the house and just swab it all down with cleansers.

September 07, 2007 09:02 PM What I heard  |   Link
Amazing Ukulele Musician

Jake Shimabukuro He's all over YouTube and just amazing how his fingers dance effortless on a ukulele!

What I heard  |   Link
Librarians Show Your Value Online

I highly encourage my librarian friends out there to check out this new way to promote librarian research skills online.

Slam the Boards!

Participants so far...

Hundreds if not thousands of librarians from around the world will participate in answering questions at various online question sites. Please take a moment to participate and demonstrate your value as a research expert online.

September 04, 2007 12:53 PM Whine  |   Link
On Baby's Schedule Now

Ok I've figured her all out now. I can tell my internal sleep clock has completed adjusted to the baby's clock. It seems that she definitely keeps me up every few hours at night, basically feels like she's training me to be on her schedule. So she starts moving around 11:30 until 1am, then again she's up around 4am for about 30 minutes, then up around 6:30am. I try to get a little more sleep and then she's up again around 9 or 9:30am. During the day I feel her moving around again after eating. This morning she obviously was up when I could feel my whole tummy area moved, as though she was doing some kind of whole body stretch. I felt 4 sides move at the same time. Woah what a way to be motivated to get up. So these days I'm probably getting 8 hours sleep in probably 2-3 hour intervals. It doesn't help that she's been kicking my bladder too. Jeff is convinced she may be into drumming and found a really funny onesie with a squirrel on the drums. I've thought of getting it but I'm trying to hold off on that type of stuff. Not very practical especially since the onesie is $17!

I was able to switch OBs in a different group so having a doula will not be a problem. I'm pretty excited about it and the stress went away very quickly. Been doing my pre-natal exercise classes on top of going to PAC. It's been really helping me keep my weight from getting out of hand and will hopefully help when I go into labor.

Yesterday we put the crib together. We've started piling all the gifts in there. We're still debating about the trundle still sitting in the room. With a glider/ottoman and changing table, the room is going to be super tight. My desk is in there still too and will be until I'm officially done with my work which will hopefully be end of Sept or early Oct. We were thinking of buying a car but I changed my mind since I'd rather have J stay home a few extra months after the baby is born. The Lexus is definitely more than enough space for the baby. But maybe when J goes back to work we'll upgrade the Civic ;) He's sill chugging along at LM.

More prayers for my friend who had her baby early. Baby M is doing super well and is in the NICU room that is for fattening up the baby. Hopefully she'll get to her target weight and accomplish certain skills to get her home soon to be with her family. Thanks everyone for praying for her.