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100 days on The Four Hour Body
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Even with my few weeks of stress over my thyroid problem, I was still able to lose 2 dress sizes and over a little over 15lbs using Tim Ferriss' The Four Hour Body technique. My husband lost cover 18lbs and is already at his target weight. He definitely has lost alot judging on how loose his clothes fit now.

The first 6 weeks were rough as I wasn't seeing any dramatic day to day drops. Just a few ounces here or there and with the cheat day, it seemed that I was back to the beginning. After 6 weeks and I found out I was clear of thyroid issues I started losing more than a pound a day.

I've decided to stay on the diet to get to my target size before Thanksgiving. I have a feeling I can do it and with this diet more part of my routine I don't feel overwhelmed or bored. My goal weight treat is definitely a shopping spree.

Posted on September 15, 2011 12:48 PM