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June 08, 2002 10:12 PM Information Architecture  |   Link
Singlefile: A way to organize your books

Organize, collect, share your books with Singlefile

This is definitely an interesting find. For the librarian in all of you, here's a neat web service to help you catalog your home library and be able to access it anywhere there is a web connection.

Since I've been weeding my collection, I don't have much to catalog, although I think I'll give it a try and post my opinions at a later date.

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If you missed Stefano Moris' showing of his short film at the Sundance Film Festival, you can now purchase your own copy of 16F9 directly at this site.

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21st Century Librarian Award

21st Century Librarian Award: Home

I did not win the award, but I am very honored to have been nominated. Looking at the winner's accomplishments and my fellow nominees, this was a really challenging group to be in company with.

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DAMA International Symposium Report

Meta-Data/DAMA Spring 2002 - San Antonio

Didn't make it to DAMA International Symposium in San Antonio, TX? That's ok, I didn't either, but there are conference summary notes at their site. Lots of information from meta-data standards, data mining, data storage and taxonomies.

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Content Wire

Content Wire - Home

Nice collection of information on content management tools.