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What does high speed cars and an IA have in common?
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You're probably thinking of James Kalbach and the Audi Razorfish presentation from ASIST IA Summit 2002. Did my first auto cross event today. Got my own helmet, neck collar , balaclava(fire resistant head sock)...

What happened:
LPR Auto Cross Event at the Marina | Loma Prieta Region - Zone 7 - PCA

Rain or shine, I was ready to do it. When we first arrived it was still pouring. I was in the first group and the course was definitely slick. Not only that, but I was really nervous about messing up the car.

When I first came out I did horribly, 1:42:571. After 14 runs, I managed to bring down that embarrasing time to 50.717. I'm actually proud of myself. Not too shabby, since I'm only off by 5 seconds from my husband. I would have had 15 runs, but I spun out on my fourth run. It was pretty exciting to push the car that hard on a wet course and know that I wouldn't hurt anything except some cones.

The instructors were cheering for me, and since I was the last person on the course for our group, everyone on the course was pretty excited to see little IA me in the 993TT having a blast sliding around on the course.

Ok, I'm addicted and I'm looking into getting my own track car. I'll probably do another auto cross sometime in May. But not before, Jeff and I head to Laguna Seca in April for Tracquest. Any suggestions for a really good track car, just drop me an email.

Posted on March 23, 2002 06:41 PM