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My Laptop and Me
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I've been with my laptop for over 2 years. Yup it's pretty out of date but I figured by now my expectations is it would know what I want. Yes ubiquitous computing is big. It has been for several years since I was in grad school. But what I'm wanting is not "clippy" I want my machine to understand my habits. I'm a creature of habit when it gets to using my laptop. Every morning pretty much the same except when I'm on the road. But I just realized why doesn't my computer "learn" my habits and anticipate those needs...and I'm not implying the anticipated needs that MS Word or Excel does for you...it's beyond that...but why couldn't really learn? I'm wondering if I'm at the point where I should swap out to a new machine but I like my stickers on my laptop, all the goofy things that I've grown to love about this machine. I'm not materially obsessessed with it just that it's like a sort of world lifeline...it keeps me connected to things beyond the 5 blocks around my house. I'd probably have a dull life since I don't really watch tv either. Oh well.

Posted on January 25, 2006 11:17 AM