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Yes I have an accent, you do too!
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I had such a lovely time on Friday night at a new book club I just joined. While we were hanging out we were talking about idioms, slangs, and accents in English. It was so funny when my aussie friend said to me..."You have an accent." I started to laugh and said you do too! Then we started to talk about how certain people pronounce various words like pin and pen. I started to remember a conversation I had with an ex-officemate about "pie." It was just really funny to think about how English is not the same around the world.

So another example was what do you call riding on your bike with someone else riding on the bike as well? Australia: dinking, New Zeland: doubling/dubbing, and Jeff said to me today that in the US: doubles. The funny part was I started to giggle when NP said dinking because yes I had my mind in the gutter...then she relayed an innocent story about a misunderstanding of the term and it making a colleague uncomfortable.

I can't wait to add to my vocabulary of "English" when/if we return. ;o)

Posted on January 15, 2005 05:29 AM