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Settling In
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Lots of great adventures the last few days. The most memorable is dining at Club Fagaro. Fagaro is a special spice that literally makes your mouth numb. Jeff and I had an unfortunate experience of biting into a fagaro spice. It was a scarey and strange feeling. The funny thing is that the hostess at CF was totally excited and wide-eyed about the spice, as though it's some kind of drug. We both know we're not going back the food was Sichuan(sp is local) and definitely puts you into a state of awe of how anything could ever get that spicey. The other notable thing that happened at the restaurant was some kind of food critic was also there and giving some "constructive feedback" to the hostess. I wonder if she started to cry. The critic was pretty harsh about such detail...heck I wouldn't have mind to have a cold plate since all the dishes were so spicey hot. Quick someone pass me some milk or a firehose to cut the spiceyness!

Other news, traveled around Kwun Tong to visit the Nike and Adidas outlets. A great outing since I was determined to find some workout stuff. We just joined this gym called Pure Fitness. It's pretty nice but heck we're here only 5 months and we know we'll never get this kind of experience. They lend you clothes and socks to workout in, but I just feel too weird wearing someone else's clothes especially at a gym. I'm pretty sore after 3 straight days of working out both on weights and machines.

On top of that we get discounts at its sister establishments, Pure Spa & Red. We've dined at Red previously and had a wonderful time, I even took a photo with the dessert.

More photos...in restaurants, Happy Valley, Central, Lan Kwai Fong, Bond, Jim Family Get Together and stuff from the phone.

We were so bummed out at Bond. The tickets and website said no photography. When we arrived folks were toting around cameras and camera phones. During the encore everyone rushed to the front (we were front row) and even the 12 year olds had cameras. I was bummed since we were up front and had good distance to take some shots. Oh well next time I'll just bring my camera with me.

As to settling in...well we have found a church, The Vine. Which just celebrated the grand opening of their more permanent location in Central. It's a great church with a great delivery of the message and a wonderful worship team.

I also have language exchange sessions with a friend of a friend in Kowloon. It gets quite frustrating to get the tones. Sometimes Jeff and the group just laugh at the nonsensical things I say when I mess up the tones. Innocently I just grin until they translate what I just said.

One of Jeff's favorite adventures is getting a reflexology foot massage. Yes that's one hour of pure bliss. First they soak your feet in frangrant water while they massage your shoulders and neck for 15 minutes and then 45 minutes of ultimate feet massage. All for about $120HK(less than $20USD).

Posted on October 20, 2004 06:23 AM