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Update on Workouts and Stuff
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Ok I've hit a plateau. It's not the exercise necessarily as much as the holiday desserts and snacks. It's quite dangerous since I don't want to wipe out the past 10 weeks(before knee injury) of boot camp for the slice of dessert. I've maintained really well without doing WW points or exercise since Thanksgiving. However when the weather gets better I'm going to give the water aerobics class a try. I went to the gym yesterday and had a good workout on the elliptical but at half the resistance. I was able to do about 20 minutes of ab work and boy can I feel it today!

I wasn't planning to donate blood again since I had a painful experience last time(a bruise the size of a grapefruit on my arm). But after repeated calls for my particular type/etc. blood I relented and begged for a kinder, gentler needle. So I went and while the prick still stung...no bruise and they got their bag of blood to help someone in need. I think I need to find better distractions for while they take the blood. The ipod and reading scripture is just not cutting it. Btw, thanks to the nurse who gave me the shiny jingling bracelet...it helped take my mind of things.

Tree is up with some decorations. Thanks again for the many Christmas/Hanukkah/Holiday cards. They have added a festive cheer to our living room.

We just hosted a family of 1 dad with 4 kids (2 of which were twin 8 year old boys) and had a wonderful time. The house was a bit tight but it was a first to host that many folks for a sleep over. I can't wait for them to come over again :) Thanks for coming S. family!

Piano playing is coming along. Will be looking for an instructor again but needs to be closer to home. J's playing on the guitar has really improved recently so we're hoping to entertain at our family get together on Sunday.

Trying to finish 2 websites by the end of the year. Hopefully I can share them as well when I'm done.

Posted on December 22, 2005 01:56 PM