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Oh How I'm So Frustrated with Accounting
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I should be doing my Unit 4 quiz which I've been sitting on for a little over a week. I know I should be churning out the units every week so that when August comes I'm done with my certificate. But somehow I'm sitting here singing and playing on the piano STP's "Plush" andPearl Jam's "Black as J is learning the tabs on the guitar. It's actually quite fun to listen and play music while we're taking our music theory class. Who knows maybe we'll be the next songwriting duo :)

Speaking of songwriting, I've been listening to Michelle Chappel's music again. I found out after her return from Europe that her song "So Disappointed" made it close to the finals for a songwriting contest. She's really an amazing person on so many levels. Check out her music while you're at her site.

Ok so about the accounting, while I'm pretty up on the personal accounting stuff, this e-course is really grating on my brains to put together balance sheets and justifying expenses with a budget...come on I'm so sick of pretending to do the books for a wholesale distrubitor of premium european chocolates. Heck, I stopped for a break to eat toaster oven smores and a cup of hot chocolate...see what this unit has done to me...I'm more interested in the products then the numbers. Maybe I should consider a career in quality assurance for a high end chocolate company.

Posted on July 01, 2006 10:54 PM