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Trying to Fit In
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I sort of look like someone who could fit in. Even the locals think I understand every word they tell me in Chinese. However I'm not Chinese and my native language is English...so heck why not try to fit in as soon as possible...nope not 8 hours of chinese lessons every day...I got a hair cut!

Went to "Headquarters" in Central for an updated hairstyle that is suitable to the local trends and light on the head...I think I lost 2 lbs in the process after looking down at the floor where more than half my hair was. To make the new locks "shine" out, I had highlights as well, nope not in purple or blue, went for red and copper.

Speaking of highlights, the swanky hair salon is frequented by HK celebrities. While I was sitting and and watching chunks of locks falling to the floor, there were a couple of minutes of rushing to another room. It turns out a local HK soap opera mega star just entered the room next door. Gosh too bad I didn't have my camera on me.

Now I guess I should really try to bust out the little chinese I know...

"How much is mango ice cream?"

"I'd like to bargain that price..."

"I don't eat meat."

"Where is the local club?"

PS: We have wifi/internet at home now. I'll catch up on the writing soon enough!

PPS: Guess what...I have a feeling we're slowly become Apple users. We just bought an Airport Express to facilitate the wifi and print server in our flat. I guess it all started with iTunes and our iPod...what a great switch tactic.

Posted on October 04, 2004 07:11 AM