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Ok not too bad
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Accounting really kicked my tush, well I took a nap after staring at the numbers and woke up fresh and was able to solve the imbalance in 5 minutes. I guess taking naps really calms you down. I got my score and did really well compared to the first 3 units. I'm pretty excited. So now I'm on unit 5...I'll be halfway done once I get this unit completed...and hopefully everything gets easier! Just in time to take a break with friends on July 4th before one family headed off to Taiwan. We'll miss them alot!

The consulting gig has been absolutely awesome. I'm glad I have a partner and hopefully it will be done when we planned since BSF ramps up in September and being the class administrator comes a lot of to do lists and responsibilities...I'm praying for peace and protection and safety for everyone this summer and coming fall!

Posted on July 08, 2006 01:00 PM