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Depeche Mode: still a black celebration
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I guess mainly I want to whine...there was a low level fog over Shoreline Amph on Thursday night. The low laying fog was of course the sweet smell of some folks' favorite (insert drug of choice). Depsite the nice 80s weather the 80s band(actually started in 1975) failed to lift the spirits of the dead. Ok I'm exaggerating. The band played a few sonds from the latests album and splattering of some hits from previous albums. But I wished they played "blasphemous rumors" "somebody" or even "people are people." Oh well. What was even stranger and very different from the typical concert-goer of the 80s. A nice big parking lot of brand new cars and a stable of mercedes benz/bmws. The crowds really did represent a mix of inter-generational and economic spectrum. And some even looked like possible 2nd generation dmode followers where parents and kids enjoyed the music side by side with cup of beer in one hand and possibly smoking something in their other hand. Definitely great fun to sing along, band had a fun stage presence. I wasn't too impressed with martin's jumping around on stage, but music and vocals definitely still very strong after so many years. Preshow act was just not what I would have expected, each song sounded like it was going to be a cover of either BeeGees, No Doubt, and some other mix of 70s disco/80s new wave/90s electronic or trance scene. Of course I was underdressed, I didn't wear black nor did I wear black eye-liner...2 things that looked like were required for entry.

Some photos of us there.

Posted on April 29, 2006 01:34 PM