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Do Not Underestimate the Pregnant Training Instructor
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I thought I was going to die in class today. I figured pregnant instructor for circuit training..."No problem!" Boy was I wrong, along with a couple other participants. She was totally kicking our butts. She was there showing us how to do the movements including some power steps. She is the most fit pregnant woman I've evern met. She's 6 months pregnant and very excited about making sure we did the movement safe and getting a nice hard workout. I think my butt is going to hate me tomorrow.

Last Friday, I tried a jump rope class. Nope, not your beginner class. No, easy strolling like a pre-schooler. This was your "let me kick your butt into shape" with 80-85% of your max heart rate for a full 55 minutes. It has taken me 2 days to recover with my calves aching each time I take a step. I've noticed walking backwards down steps eased up on the calves. Just the same, both were great workouts.

I still have 15 lbs. to go...and it's been quite difficult. Especially with the nice summer weather I want to eat ice cream and drink white wine...of course not together. I guess I need to stop eating sweets at the many church related functions.

Posted on June 21, 2005 11:41 AM