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Outside your window
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Arrived at 6am China Standard Time on Wed 9/22. The flight was very rough but we survived after 12 hours of watching Troy, Super Size Me, Stepford Wives and a variety of classic movies. We were both so tired after running around the last day of laundry and packing and getting our important papers notarized, witnessed and sealed away. We thought we were going to crash but it didn't quite happen. We're forcing ourselves to stay awake so that we can adjust to the new time zone. We've already checked out an apartment not too far from our hotel...sort of feels like home when you look out the window and there is a McDonald's and KFC down below and a Starbucks around the corner. Give me a noodle house please!!!!

We took a train ride from the airport to Central where we then caught a free hotel shuttle to Park Lane Hotel. It's raining outside and it is still quite humid. I think I'm going to cut my hair; all of its puffiness is quite a rat's nest. Also I'm thinking going either with blue or purple hair. I'll take votes later.

I think I'm going to invest some money in Travelsmith. I pulled out some new shirts I got from Travelsmith and not one item had a wrinkle. I just love it. Of course the fashions here are very different from back home, but I'll have to get a fashion aware 30-something to help me make the transition.

Anyone out there know why they give you an empty bowl at a certain restaurant before you order dim sum(no carts here since it's not cost efficient)? I couldn't really tell if folks were "sterilizing" their tea cup and chopsticks in the bowl. I'm too embarrassed to ask.

My favorite event so far is a visit to the Haagen Daz at the entrance of the hotel that sells lychee cream and ginger ice cream. It was pure heaven especially since I've been on a lychee craze recently.

We're starting to settle down at our hotel for a bit so that we can concentrate on hitting up more apartments over the next couple of days. We'll send out our HK address as soon as we find a place. Also the blog writing will be a bit short of details of more interesting things since I'm saving the best for the book writing attempt while I'm here.

Posted on September 22, 2004 02:16 AM