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My Status Post Pregnancy
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I've been lucky to have J at home with B at 4 weeks old I'm a bit tired, sleep is quite a luxury here...or at least sleep that is more than 4 hours. I was able to eat my lox on my bagels, went out with a friend for sushi without B, attended Thanksgiving dinner with B happy in family arms, J and I went out to dinner and brunch w/ B sleeping through the whole meal, and I've had a chai/latte/cap a couple of times. I'm waiting to having wine at Michelle's wedding in a few weeks. As for the foods/drinks I've missed, it was exciting to eat/drink them again but somehow I think these things will just be special treats and not something to indulge in. I notice caffeine messes me up, even a hot chocolate kind of puts me of in an overload feeling.

My next goal is to go drive on my own, go out with B on our own, and have a romantic dinner with J without B in the next month. Our first family road trip will be around the holidays.

Posted on November 29, 2007 09:10 PM