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Chelsea FC 2...Club America 1

On the menu: Fish & Chips, Beef or Chicken Burrito

It was an amazing day at Stanford Stadium yesterday as Chelsea beat out Club America in an exhibition game. We arrived late, just at the half since we were at a jazz show in La Honda. But we still had fun 2nd row back at the end zone. Cheering Chelsea on who were at 0 at the half. We got a chance to celebrate the 2 goals with a bunch of Chelsea fans all around us. This was my first time at a pro soccer game and I think I really enjoyed the non-stop action. I took some photos on my camera phone but they aren't so exciting. I think it took us longer to get off campus then it was to watch the game. I wasn't much for the menu even though it was already 7pm so I held out for Wahoo's down the street after we finally got out of the parking lot.

Posted on July 15, 2007 09:38 AM