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Procrastination and Human Resources
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My last day of my Management and HR class is this Saturday. I have a 20 minute presentation and some essays to complete, but what do I decide to do instead? I organize my bookmarks in IE to transfer to de.icio.us. But then in a sudden move to beat the clock so I can walk over to Starbuck's for hot cocoa I bang away at both the essays and presentation outline in 20 minutes. Wow that's a total change for me.

After this class is done I'll more than likely do an essay to relate the challenges HR has faced and continues to face and how the IA field could also face similar situations. Each time I read something new about an organization development concept, I could easily see how IA as a human resource is facing the challenge of proper utilization in both tactical and strategic work.

Posted on April 27, 2005 09:47 AM