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February 25, 2009 07:11 PM Travel  |   Link
She's Doing What We Did in 2005

Almost Fearless found through Delicious Baby travel website. Christine is just amazing. She totally reminds me of that time we took off for Hong Kong for several months. Read her About section and you'll get what I mean from quitting jobs, giving up stuff, and just having this overall lifestyle renewal. Well to earn her keep she's doing freelance writing and doing the travel blog. It's pretty interesting material and very inspiring. I think the next time we do a get up and go moment I wonder what it would be like with B in tow and if J could continue to telecommute.

February 23, 2009 11:51 AM Information Architecture  |   Link
IA Summit 2009

I'm looking forward to reconnecting with colleagues again at the upcoming ASIST IA Summit 2009 to be held in Memphis, TN. This will be my first time away from B for a few days. I'm anxious but also looking forward to some downtime.

Baby Products  |   Link
Giveaway at DeliciousBaby.com

Ok I just love DeliciousBaby.com for all traveling with toddlers/babies information. Debbie's latest giveaway is a must have and posting her to encourage others to read her site.

Top favorites include:
Carseat rental when renting a car
How to keep a kid busy on a plane

Feel free to sign up for your chance to win aBaby Sherpa Diaper Bag giveaway

February 17, 2009 07:15 PM Baby Products  |   Link
Carseats: Yes or no > 2 yo?

Books I've Read  |   Link
Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes

I've read this book by Mem Fox over a dozen times in one sitting. This is one of B's favorite book at the moment. I actually enjoy the book and wanted to share with "all" my readers that it makes a great baby shower gift. The story is simple, great easy to read, and the illustrations are beautiful. I hope you all enjoy it as much as B & I have.

If you are into Mem Fox, I hope you go over and browse her website. She has lots of resources regarding her books, audio of her reading some of her books, and great resources about "reading" to kids and "how to" write children's books.

February 15, 2009 07:55 PM What I heard  |   Link
Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel & Spa

This amazing 5-star hotel will be opening just before my birthday. I hope I can treat myself to a spa experience since this is to be the largest spa between San Jose & San Francisco. The Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel & Spa is run by the Rosewood Resorts that also includes the Carlyle in New York. I'll probably be using my hard earned gains from last year to fund this rare outing.

February 12, 2009 07:21 PM Business & Finance  |   Link
20% Up in a Down Market

Just finished my 1099 spreadsheet for my taxes tomorrow and discovered I was 20% in the green. Yes I wrote G-R-E-E-N. I actually made money without many trades. I was pleasantly surprised.

My biggest advice though if you are about to have a baby really soon, get out of the market. Heck you should have been out of the market already with how bad things are. I noticed I can't study and review my portfolio as often as before which was daily. However I'm completely out right now and just waiting and watching to see how things turn...if they do turn

February 11, 2009 11:15 AM Eco/Sustainable Products  |   Link
Another Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Site

Eco Me is a site that provides information as well as products that introduces more earth friendly cleaning products. I'm planning to check them out a bit more. I've tried some of the "green" products at Target and not very happy with them. I think going more traditional with the castille soap, borax, white vinegar, water and baking soda is really the way to go. Putting together a list of recipes for what has worked will come shortly. I was really hoping retail stuff would be good but I think they are just overpriced and not effective.

February 05, 2009 09:11 PM Eco/Sustainable Products  |   Link
Purse Obsession

Very interesting cork purse/messanger bag from Pyknyk

Very tempted to buy but you know I've got a ton of purses and messanger bags and of course diaper bags.

Information Architecture  |   Link
If Ever I Start Presenting Again

Some pointers for how to design powerpoint presentations. These will sure come in handy someday...

PowerPoint Design in 2009 from Speaking About Presenting

February 04, 2009 12:37 PM Baby Products  |   Link
Baby Stores closing shops

Baby Style just closed down their site. I guess that includes their shops too. I'm bummed. They had nice things but definitely pretty steep on the prices.

BabyCenter ended up closing their online shopping division and partnered with Diapers.com. I'm not surprised. They pretty much had the same merchandise. I actually really like Diapers.com since they deliver next day if you order by a certain time. If you plan to shop diapers.com please email me m (at) mywhine.com and I'll send you a referral coupon. I wonder who will be next to close down.

February 03, 2009 08:36 PM Information Architecture  |   Link
Scott McCloud at TED2005

I really enjoyed this talk about the concepts of storytelling, comics and the human experience.