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Everything Is So Big
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Hated the plane ride...I thought I was going to puke again...argh! However I love having a mascot on the tail of the plane.

All the food is sooo big! San Antonio has big food, big boots, and big hats. I'm so glad J and I split our meal at Pappadeaux Seafood. Hoping to find good bbq tomorrow. J is limping along ok but I doubt we'll be strolling Riverwalk after dinner. Will try to hit Austin on Friday and still determined to get some boots tomorrow.

Will probably do the main tourist attractions and look around for volunteer opportunities. I called 211 but they said they are totally ok with volunteers...they mentioned to check back in 2 weeks. Then I remembered it's usually few weeks later that it's difficult to find volunteers to be relief for the first round...I'll have to to see if I can do that. The news coverage is alot more intense here on evacuees that have been transferred here. I hope I can do something of value...hopefully get more writing done too!

Posted on September 07, 2005 09:50 PM